Dear colleagues:

We faced and still face an unprecedent challenge that was brought to us due to COVID-19 pandemic. For two years now, we reduced traveling and human and social contact in order to reduce the possible impacts of the disease but now, step by step, an effort is being made to go back to normal. A part of this effort includes coming back to in person conferences and to regain the proximity that zoom and online presentations never managed to accomplish.

Accordingly, after very successful editions of the previous Hispanic-American Input-Output Society (SHAIO) conferences in Oviedo (2005), Zaragoza (2007), Albacete (2009), Madrid (2011), Seville (2013), Barcelona (2015), Merida-Yucatan (2017) and Santiago de Compostela (2019) it is time to Aveiro in Portugal to be the next destination. Portuguese colleagues from 3 institutions welcome all SHAIO colleagues and will try to offer the best space for the exchange of ideas and for encouraging academic and professional collaborations.

It is a great pleasure for the University of Aveiro and is research group GOVCOPP (Research Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies) together with CeBER (Centre for Business and Economics Research of the University of Coimbra) and the CARME (Centre of Applied Research in Management and Economics of the Polytechnic Leiria) to welcome all the SHAIO participants in the lively and lovely city of Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice. 

The University of Aveiro is one of the fastest growing institutions in Portugal, and one of the most prestigious institutions that combine spatial planning, economics and other social sciences. Aveiro, located between the historical cities of Coimbra and Oporto, is an energetic city with nice restaurants and a landscape shaped by the Aveiro lagoon. The official languages of the conference will be English and Spanish but because, this meeting will be held in Portugal, special sessions in Portuguese will also be welcome. Abstracts, papers and organized sessions can be submitted in any of these three languages. The program will include the fourth edition of the Spanish School of Input-Output Analysis (ESAIO), plenary and parallel sessions, the Emilio Fontela Award ceremony, and some other amazing surprises that will make this event a perfect opportunity to know this area of Portugal.

We are very excited to have the opportunity of inviting all the Input-Output community to participate in the 9th Hispanic-American Input-Output Conference, and we hope that the linkages established here remain strong in the years to come. Looking forward to seeing you all in Portugal in 2022!

Best regards,

The chair of the local and scientific committees