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Aveiro is located near the coast with a wonderful landscape and several accommodation possibilities at very affordable prices. Some things you can do at Aveiro include:

  • Boat tour around the city
  • Beautiful beach only 3 kms away
  • You can also visit vineyards, a ceramic museum or Art Noveau buildings.
  • Try delicious food and pastries.
  • Visit Coimbra, a historical town with the oldest university in Portugal, founded in 1290 – 45 minutes away
  • Oporto is also 45 minutes away

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Regarding COVID-19, right now that are no restrictions taking place besides when you are flying. Mandatory to present when you entering by plane:

  • A valid vaccination EU Digital COVID Certificate (with a complete vaccination schedule or with a complete vaccination schedule and a vaccine booster)
    Or a valid test or recovery EU Digital COVID Certificate,
  • Or a valid vaccination certificate (with a complete vaccination schedule or a vaccine booster) or recovery certificate issued by a third country, under reciprocal conditions
  • Or a negative RT-PCR Test (or similar NAAT test) – 72h before boarding, or
  • Or a negative Laboratorial Rapid Antigen Test- 24h before boarding (according to the European Commission list)

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General emergencies 112
Hospital do Baixo Vouga (+351) 234 378 300


The time in Portugal is one hour less than in Spain

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Electricity supply is 220 volts throughout Spain with 2 pin wall sockets. Most electrical equipment from European countries that utilize 240 volts (e.g. UK and Ireland) will function adequately with the proper plug adapter.
Most electrical equipment from countries where the electricity supply is 110 volts (e.g. US) a transformer would be required to step down the voltage to 110 volts. Damage to the electrical appliance can occur if you attempt to use a 110 volt rated appliance with a 220 volt supply. The power cord of some type of devices (p.e. most laptops) includes the transformer. Check the labeling before usage.


It is required by Portuguese law that a photographic identification be carried with you at all times. This may be a passport, driving license or national identity card.


The Portuguese is the official language, but you will find out that most Portuguese people can speak English and a poor version of Spanish that is commonly known as “Portuñol”.


You can drink tap water safely. In the Aveiro downtown, if you stay in an old building, the water might taste a little different as some of the plumbing system may be old.